Monday, August 2, 2010

A picture (frame) is worth so many words!

Inspiration is everywhere! I saw a cute picture frame online and I thought to myself "I can do that!" With a little help from the internet and a couple of DIY websites, I have made the cutest picture frame! I gathered a few materials...unfinished frame, Mod-Podge, cute paper, and a hot pink flower.

First, I traced my picture frame on the cute paper. I cut around the picture frame with an Exacto knife (I love those things!).

Set the paper to the side. Next I painted the sides and the inner area of the frame white so that the wood is not seen. Then I put a layer of Mod-Podge on the picture frame. I gently soaked the paper in water and applied it to the frame. While the paper is still wet, apply another coat of Mod-Podge. Once it has dried, apply another coat- for good measure!

After the Mod-Podge has dried, I trimmed the edges and added a super cute pink flower! The final project:

Tell me what ya think! I would love some insight!

I plan on making more picture frames in college game day colors and designs! Let me know if you would like to order one and the college and it will be ready within the week! Cost is $10.(Auburn fans will have to pay more! ROLL TIDE!)

Keeping calm and creatively yours!


  1. Dude, that is really, really good frame. Make me a LSU one and you got my business. Proud of you!

  2. LSU ones cost $15! LOL Good job, Nicole!