Sunday, September 12, 2010

My list of excuses as of why I have not blogged:
1. school
2. grad school
3. Did I mention school?

It has slightly knocked the wind out of my sail but I am slowly getting into a routine! Yay for routines! Well I had a little time this weekend and I have a craft basket yelling my name! So I dug out a simple but super cute and quick project!

A while back, my mom and I obsessed over a trip to the local Goodwills (I say Goodwills because we visited all 3 in one day!)Anyways, I think that we spent $40 between the 2 of us, but we definitely struck pay dirt! One of our finds was a wooden candle holder for $.79. We thought it had potential so we scooped it up. Later on that day I found a fabulous pillar candle for $1.99 at a clothing store. I loved it because the wick had a pearl on it--my favorite!

So my vision of this candle holder was for it to be placed in my mom's new fabulous shabby chic-ed bedroom!

So I gathered my materials (that's the teacher talk in me!) which consisted of Chocolate Froth colored paint and some sandpaper.

Next, I painted 2 coats of delish chocolate froth on the candle holder.

After the paint dried, I grabbed a small square of sandpaper and distressed! I think it turned our simply fantastic!

My mom should be proud!