Saturday, October 23, 2010

Initials are like tea in the south....

Like tea in the south? Pretty Sweet!

I love the South. Everything about it makes me absolutely fall in love with it over and over again! I love the warmth of sun, the closeness of the beach, the oak trees, the smell of spring, the sounds of fall. I love being southern more than anything else in the world. I love our accent and the way we completely mush together when we say "fixin' to" or "ya hear." I love wearing pearls with every outfit and drinking sweet iced tea. My most favorite things of all...the word "yall" and MONOGRAMS! I love seeing the letters of my name plastered on all of my bags, bed spread, towels, and more! (Even my dog has monogrammed pjs!) I don't feel like it's vain, but I feel like it is oh-so-charming! Everyone should have something with their letters on it!

Monogram + easy affordable craft = a very happy Southern Belle!

I made these sweet letters for a friends 4 year old girl. I bought the wooden letters at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a piece.

I gathered a piece of scrapbook paper for each letter, Mod Podge, and an exacto knife!

I traced each letter on the scrapbook paper and carefully cut it out. Next, I applied a layer of Mod Podge, dipped the scrapbook paper in water, placed the paper on the letter, and applied a final coat of Mod Podge. After the letters were dry, I trimmed any edges with an exacto knife. Using hot glue, I applied the ribbon for easy hanging.

Tadaaaa! The final product:

The possibilities are truly endless! It's sweet, it's southern, and it's personal!

Yall Come Back, Ya'Hear!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pottery Barn taste....Goodwill Budget....

Inspiration to me comes in the form of a seasonal magazine with the big letters
"P O T T E R Y B A R N" at the top. I squeal every time! I literally take the magazine, grab a blanket, a cold diet coke, and sit on the couch and savor every page. It's always so delicious!

Saturday, my mom and I made our Goodwill run after a delish breakfast at IHOP. (it was seriously the best Saturday morning ever!) We came across a table that had simple charm and great height. The visions started forming and we HAD to have it! After the $9.99 was spent on the table (we picked up a few picture frames as well!) we were on our way home with a couple of great finds! We grabbed our new issue of Pottery Barn and on page 50 we saw IT! This table had the bones of becoming the perfect table on an empty wall at my mom's house. The picture frames will be a perfect side dish! This project was especially fun because I had an assistant(my mom)!

Our inspiration:

Our materials:


We began by painting 2 coats of chocolate froth(yum) on our table!

(That's my assistant and her 2 dogs! Notice everyone is sitting down...hmmm)

We removed those hideous pictures and painted the frames. One of the frames was so unique, I decided to just sand it down. It's amazing what a little sandpaper can do.

We distressed the table and I must say it turned out fabulous!

This project is a work in progress. There are more frames to paint, more accessories to find, and more Pottery Barn pages to look through! Keep checking back for the final project!

Wishing you all Pottery Barn wishes and creative dreams!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keep Calm and Paint

So, I finished the other painting for my bestie's nursery. I must say they are adorable!

Aren't those the cutest!!!! Those sweet pictures made me want to post other pictures I have painted. All originally painted by me but they were painted at Paint Party Studios (the greatest place in Mobile!)
Here are a few!
The lovely ballerina...I also did a blonde ballerina for my friend's sweet baby girl!

And a Nicole original...Tres Poppies!

Creatively yours,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crafty Sunday...Maybe it's the weather!

Maybe it's the weather, but all I wanted to do today is projects!!! I began my morning with a fabulous monkey painting for my bestie's nursery!

Too cute right?!! (It's not an original but I couldn't let her pay $100 for that same picture in a store!)

After a full day of shopping and cleaning, I pulled out my projects basket and dug out a few picture frames.
The first 2 frames I used my scrapbook/ mod paudge method. They turned out adorable!



The third picture frame was my original inspiration for my craft journey. I saw a picture frame at Objects and I fell in love! However, I looked at the price tag and it said $39.95. I thought that it looked easy enough for anyone to do! Well, I made my frame for all of $4.00. Crazy right?! I began by painting 2 coats of Chocolate Froth (my fav color!).

While my paint was drying, I pulled out my pink ribbon and made a cute little bow! I took pearls (beads that look like pearls) and put them on string. Then, I took the string of pearls and wrapped it around the bow a few times. (Don't forget to hot glue it in place!)

After my paint dried, I pulled out my square of sandpaper and went to town! I lightly distressed the wood, glued on my bow, and VIOLA! My fabulous $39.95 picture frame (for $4.00) FANTASTIC!

It looks adorable with a picture of my best girls in it!

Creatively Yours!