Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pottery Barn taste....Goodwill Budget....

Inspiration to me comes in the form of a seasonal magazine with the big letters
"P O T T E R Y B A R N" at the top. I squeal every time! I literally take the magazine, grab a blanket, a cold diet coke, and sit on the couch and savor every page. It's always so delicious!

Saturday, my mom and I made our Goodwill run after a delish breakfast at IHOP. (it was seriously the best Saturday morning ever!) We came across a table that had simple charm and great height. The visions started forming and we HAD to have it! After the $9.99 was spent on the table (we picked up a few picture frames as well!) we were on our way home with a couple of great finds! We grabbed our new issue of Pottery Barn and on page 50 we saw IT! This table had the bones of becoming the perfect table on an empty wall at my mom's house. The picture frames will be a perfect side dish! This project was especially fun because I had an assistant(my mom)!

Our inspiration:

Our materials:


We began by painting 2 coats of chocolate froth(yum) on our table!

(That's my assistant and her 2 dogs! Notice everyone is sitting down...hmmm)

We removed those hideous pictures and painted the frames. One of the frames was so unique, I decided to just sand it down. It's amazing what a little sandpaper can do.

We distressed the table and I must say it turned out fabulous!

This project is a work in progress. There are more frames to paint, more accessories to find, and more Pottery Barn pages to look through! Keep checking back for the final project!

Wishing you all Pottery Barn wishes and creative dreams!

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