Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to School....a day of lasts...

Today has been a long day of lasts. I had my last breakfast, lunch, and dinner of my summer 2010. It was a super fun one and I'm sad to see it go! But, I must carry on. It's time for a new adventure! Thursday I will find out who will be my precious new kindergarteners! After much work on my classroom (I'll post pics later!), and I mean A LOT of classroom work, I think I am about 98% finished!

So as I am looking online for some cute new teaching ideas and I came across a craft project to make a lap desk. It sounded easy enough! I gathered a few materials (dry erase board, fabric, hot glue gun, and plastic bags) and headed over to Lizzie's house. Here is what we came up with!

First, I glued 3 sides of fabric around my dry erase board.

Then I stuffed it with plastic bags, what a great way to REUSE!

I glued the fourth side and added ribbon and a bow!

My students are going to love these! The possibilities are endless!!!!!!

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