Sunday, January 16, 2011

Operation: Craft Room

I have looked for inspiration for my craft room for a while. I knew what I wanted but just could not figure it out on paper. I had the best table ever (from Ikea, courtesy of Linda!)and a big wall of open space. So I did nothing.

My mom found me the perfect idea in the "My home My style" magazine (a fabulous magazine)! Here is my inspiration:

Fabulous right?!
My mom and I visited Home Depot and gathered our supplies, totaling $80.00 (using Alex's military discount saved me an additional 10%).

* 4- 48' twin track rods
* 8- 10' twin brackets
* 4- twin track rod installation kits
* 1- 72' long white shelf
* 2- 24' long white shelves

First obstacle- finding studs! (I know that they are "supposed" to be 16 inches apart.) After putting about 7 holes in my wall, we discovered that my house has studs that are 15 inches apart- thank you 1957 construction crew. My brother, Gregory, came down to lend a hand and boy did we need one! We were looking for studs in all the wrong places....

First stud was located! We started putting our track rods up! The level was our best friend!

Yes I did something!

The track rods are in place!

We added the shelving...

...put my desk back in place and added accessories!

The final product

I still have a few things to add- baskets, push pin board, and hooks to hold my ribbon! I just love it so much!

Operation: Craft Room= SUCCESS!!!!

Creatively yours,


  1. Good Job!!!! I love that kind of shelving cause you can always add more shelves as you need them!!!

  2. ONE WORD-AWESOME..looks beautiful!

  3. So Cool! It makes such a difference having a space for your stuff. You are going to be so productive here! You go, Girl!