Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep Calm and Create...A day of firsts!

I recently came across the saying "Keep Calm and Carry on." After much inspiration, I have decided to adopt this as my life motto. As a kindergarten teacher, keeping calm and carrying on is a regular part of everyday life. I want to use this motto as every part of my life in as many ways as possible, starting with my blog! Fabulous!

Now off to my great day of firsts! I painted my first "free hand" picture today. I have painted many pictures before, thanks to the fabulous Renee of Paint Party Studios, but never one completely on my own. Recently, a friend asked me to paint her a picture of a blonde haired ballerina. I said I would, I cannot say no to anything, and it turned out fabulous! So with that confidence in tact, I decided to do a painting for my guest bedroom. I love poppies! What a fun and fabulous flower! So I painted 3 white poppies on a blue background. Not bad for a first painting.

Why stop there with firsts! As I was going on my daily walk with my mom, we found a chair on the side of the road (my first "dumpster dive"). It is an old wooden chair that will be a fun project! As for now, my plan is to paint, distress, and decorate this chair that would have been sent to the dumpster. I hope it turns out fabulous!

Keeping calm and creatively yours!


  1. I'm excited about the chair! You'll have to share the process for those of us who are clueless! And, I love the painting...I wish we could have seen the ballerina! :)